30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Included with every ShowerTan unit!


Here's how it works: If you decide to return the ShowerTan unit within 30 days of delivery for any reason whatsoever, we will refund the purchase price less the shipping fees, and less the price of the starter kit consumables which you can keep ($45 for standard Starter Kit and $95 for Deluxe Starter Kit), with absolutely no questions asked.

Yes, it's that simple! Purchase a ShowerTan System with Starter Kit or a ShowerTan System with Deluxe Starter Kit and if you are not completely satisfied with the system within 30 days, just return the unit to us and we'll refund $300 back upon receipt of the unit.

Return shipment must be trackable, and we must receive the return shipment tracking details within 30 days of system delivery.

Tanning solution and other consumables are non refundable.





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